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Harry presents The Drivetime Show

1) You can interview any guest – dead or alive – on your show. Who would it be and why?

Billy Connolly. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to sit in a room and pick the brains of Billy Connolly. with a career that spans more than 50 years Billy has not once failed to bring wit, joy, wisdom and sensitivity to every form of work he partakes in. Whether that be his work as an actor, artist, philosopher, musician, writer or as an almighty comedian. Billy and his work never fails to inspire me on a creative or human level, so it only seems fitting that I chose him to be my ideal guest.

2) You’re stranded on a desert island and can only download three songs. Which ones would you choose and why?

10cc – Don’t hang up.  As well as its epic and cinematic quality, ‘don’t hang up’ has a gentile and intimate side to it which allows the song to be beautifully tragic. It is also a song I hold very close to my heart.

MikaStuck in the middle. The album ‘in cartoon motion’ is undeniably the soundtrack to my childhood. So, it was only natural that I pick a song from this album, for me the song ‘stuck in the middle’ encapsulates the entire mood of the album … heart breaking, honest and wonderfully colourful.

MorrisseySpent the day in bed.  It’s simply one of the best songs ever committed to the music industry.

3) When you’re not listening to Pride World Radio, what do you like to do (hobbies etc)?

I caught the dancing bug at the young age of 4 when I started attending ballroom dance classes. Since then I have committed most of my spare time to my ballroom dancing hobby (although some would call it my ballroom dancing obsession) I currently hold the title of under 21s British champion for NCDTA.

4) Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery! Where would you go on holiday and why?

If someone was to ask me what I thought heaven looked like …I’d say the Greek island of Skiathos would be the closest thing to it. famous for its golden beaches, green nature and the vivid atmosphere …. And Mamma Mia was shot there.

5) Describe your personality in three words.
Really. quite. quaint.

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