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Keza W

Keza presents The Keza W Show

1) You can interview any guest – dead or alive – on your show. Who would it be and why?

It has to be Katherine Ellis as I love a good Diva.

2) You’re stranded on a desert island and can only download three songs. Which ones would you choose and why?

CascadaSummer of Love – it reminds me of fun times in the sun….I can’t say anymore lol
Lonnie Gordon: Catch – Like Katherin Ellis, Lonnie is such a Diva and you know I love a diva!
Kavana:  Make You Feel Good – I had a huge crush on him when I was younger and he’s still a cutie now

3) Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery! Where would you go on holiday and why?

It has to be Malta for me because l love the place and the people

4) Describe your personality in three words.

Funny, Mental, Likeable.

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