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Ophelia B

Ophelia presents Ophelia’s Party Mix and The Ophelia B Show

1) You can interview any guest – dead or alive – on your show. Who would it be and why?

My dream interview would have to be with Queen Babs, the funny girl herself. Barbra Streisand. 
I’ve loved everything she’s ever done over the decades and would love to chat to her about her influences for music and film directing, and she still looks amazing, I’d love to share some chopped liver with this Woman, or borrow that orange 2 piece and head straight to a station… See what you can do, I’d even pay £250 like I did the last time. 

2) You’re stranded on a desert island and can only download three songs. Which ones would you choose and why?

Yvonne Ellaman: Love Pains – It’s always a song that reminds me of our Keith (my better half)

Robert Preston Mack and Mabel: I Won’t Send Roses – It’s a song my mum used to sing and was a favourite of hers along with lots of Gerry Herman’s (I think that’s where I got my theatrical likes from) 

I know I should include a Streisand here but…

John Legend: All of Me – will have to go here instead, I’m not actually gonna say why, but it would need to be there. 

3) When you’re not listening to Pride World Radio, what do you like to do (hobbies etc)?

Apart from being here, there and everywhere, I do like a bit of gardening, I love a wall of colour or a basket full of blooms in the summer, I like doing a bit of cooking now and again, I do a mean cheese scone and my chicken casserole is to die for, not literally. I also like to eat it all, and love going out for food where I can. I’m a keen traveller and love to experience new cities and cultures. 

4) Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery! Where would you go on holiday and why?

A lottery win would definitely take me on a three month World Cruise, taking in China and Australia (two places that are still on my ‘to do’ list) and some more far east places. There’s nothing nicer than waking up in a different country every morning, but you do get confused with all the currencies. Plastic please…!! 

5) Describe your personality in three words.

Happy , Charming and Fabulous. 

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